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Offsite Backup

Network Navigators offers Offsite Backup, a Cloud-based Solution for data backup and recovery, for small to medium size businesses in Greater New Orleans and the Gulf South. We also offer a robust Retention Plan that includes quarterly and yearly backups of ALL file formats, which is especially important for paperless companies, SQL databases and Microsoft Exchange servers among others.

Offsite Backup Features

  • Unlimited Space and Retention Plans – Tapes, external hard drives, and other backup devices limit your retention plans to the amount of the tapes and storage, leaving you vulnerable if you need to restore data from the past. Network Navigators can restore data, even if it is from 7 years ago.
  • Near Continuous Data Protection –  Ensures your data is not only being backed up offsite the night before, but also in intervals of every a few minutes. This ensures near zero data loss.
  • Application Aware Disaster Recovery – Provides in-depth integration with business-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL among others, so that we can easily restore your data.
  • Multiple Virtual Platform Support – Supports all virtual platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle, VirtualBox, VMware vSphere and Xen Server.

Offsite Backup Benefits

  • Affordable – The cost for tapes, media storage, transportation and countless staff hours for tape and hard drive rotation are no longer needed.
  • Efficient – Backups are done with redundancy, allowing the customer to operate paperless.
  • Safety – Our customized Disaster Recovery and Retention Plans ensure the safety of your data. We can maintain multiple copies of backed up data in offsite locations.
  • Cutting-edge – We monitor the latest technologies for your benefit.