Network Navigators Virtual Servers offered through CloudLink365 keep your business applications and data secure, available and accessible at all times from any location worldwide.

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Virtual Servers

For businesses located in Greater New Orleans and the Gulf South, power outages and natural disasters are two events that are sure to affect your network. With Network Navigators Virtual Servers, in the event of any kind disruption, your business will always be able to operate normally. All you need is a web browser and Internet connection.

Virtual Server Features

  • Business Continuity – Your applications and data are stored in a secure data center. Should your office suffer from any disaster or disruption, your desktop will still be accessible via any internet connection world-wide.
  • 24/7/365 Accessibility – With our 99.999% guaranteed uptime, your office is always open.
  • Centralized and Secure File Sharing – Your team members will always have access to shared data regardless of their geographic location.
  • Data Security – Complete daily back-ups and enterprise level firewall protection keeps your data safe and secure. Your connection to your Cloud is always via HTTPS SSL encryption.
  • Server Security – Our Cloud servers operate in Enterprise level secure data centers that are staffed 27/7, 365 days a year by certified System Engineers.
  • Software Standardization – Your entire office will always use the same, latest version of Business Productivity software. Your applications will always be consistent for all users.
  • Printing – Most office printers are supported and setup is included.
  • User Account Management – Unlimited User Management functions for adding and deleting user accounts and changing and resetting passwords is included.

Virtual Server Benefits

  • Cost Effective – Since your office is in the Cloud and all you need is a web browser. The need to keep purchasing new hardware in order to run the latest software is diminished.
  • Tighter Budgeting – Your annual commitment is a fixed cost. This allows for tighter budgeting and consistent forecasting.
  • Employee Satisfaction and Productivity – Employees can work from anywhere — at home or on the road — and still get their normal desktop with all of their applications, data and email.

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