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AFT Holdings Inc.

Case Study


When we started working with Network Navigators our office was really antiquated. When they came in we literally had two desktop computers. If one person was working on a spreadsheet on a computer that person would have to email it to the other person because we didn’t have a common server. We actually saved our files as GIF.

We also have people in North Carolina. We only wanted them to have access to certain information, so security was important.


Right off the bat Network Navigators set up a server and networked us together both at the home office and in North Carolina. They set us up with offsite backup, too. It worked great for a few years and then I realized that if we had a fire we would lose everything on our server even though the information was backed up. That is when we decided to go to a virtual server. We no longer have to be in our office. When I lost my iPhone I was literally back up and running within 5 minutes because my email, calendar, contacts, tasks and everything on my phone was all synced.

We couldn’t have gone paperless without Network Navigators because they set up all of these scanners that are connected and driven by the security that we needed for the files. We eliminated three full file cabinets, thanks to Network Navigators. We probably had another 15 boxes in storage of past payables and now we don’t have to keep any of that. We are down to half of the file cabinets we had to store the originals we do need.

Network Navigators is excellent with the security, too, which is huge for us. They set up a server and specific user ID for our North Carolina office so that they could only access the information that we wanted them to.

Final Outcomes

Network Navigators is basically our de facto IT guy. On a scale of 1 to 10 Network Navigators is a 15. We are running a huge company with a very small staff thanks to Network Navigators.

We use them for our offsite backup and virtual server and all of our networking needs (we have four systems within one office). They purchase all of our new software. Everything that they do for us is of huge importance. They make it work.

Network Navigators consolidated all our data onto a server allowing multiple users to share and access data. They manage our email, offsite and in-house backups of our data. By doing all of this we have become much more efficient.

We ultimately moved our server programs and data to the Cloud. This has cut down on server issues, IT costs and down time. As a matter of fact, we have not been down since we moved to the Cloud, except for scheduled maintenance. Once the Server was put in the cloud we started scanning and eventually went paperless, this freed up office space (we did away with all our file cabinets).